PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Flash & ASP Web Development

Offering expert level PHP, html5, Asp, MySQL, Javascript, CSS & Flash development services , we have the expertise in developing full blown Content Management Programs (CMS), right down to basic development of PHP Scripts and Apps.

What sets us aside from the competition is our aim to create shocking dynamic websites.

Our design & programming practices are based on universal principles to help develop solutions which are highly maintainable whilst still being scalable without extra incurred cost. We achieve this utilizing Object Oriented PHP 5 programming Practices, and a fully multithreaded cloud server environments to make your applications run at lightnig speeds. During development our programmers use the latest cutting edge technologies and programming procedures seen below.

Our Programming Skills & Services

  • PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Javascript, Flash, ASP, Web Development
  • PHP 5.x Compatible for server side processing
  • MySQL 5.x Database Programming
  • JavaScript & jQuery Coding
  • Full Cascading Style Sheet Design (CSS)
  • Full Cross Browser Compatibility Testing with IE6/IE7/IE8/Firefox/Safari/Chrome & more
  • Full W3C Compliant Designs (Markup Validation Service)

*Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Javascript & Web Development Services. All of our web development practices are 100% white hat & ethical. You can recieve a free web develoment quote by filling in the form below.