Audio Production

As a company, you want to use a professional recording studio to create polished productions that compliment the image of your business. We have spent over ten years exceeding our clients expectations. At Global Web Concepts we understand that sound matters. Whatever your needs are in audio and voice over recording we can provide the service you need.

What you get from our Audio Studio

  • Radio Commercials that Engage and Influence Listeners
  • The production of outstanding radio commercials is the cornerstone of our business. Over the years we’ve gained a trusted reputation for creating successful advertising campaigns for a diverse number of brands having produced literally thousands of adverts. We work with corporate marketing departments, advertising agencies and radio stations throughout North America.

    Our highly experienced producers and scriptwriters work closely with advertisers to craft memorable radio commercials that stand out from the crowd. We also record voiceovers for TV commercial production.

  • Commercial Jingles That You Can’t Help Singing
  • Music has the power to evoke distant memories and make instant associations. Favourite songs remind us of important moments in our lives – and a cleverly written commercial jingle can stay in our heads for hours, even years.

    If you want a successful radio or TV advertising campaign, a catchy jingle can be the most effective hook of all – and we have the experience and expertise to make the difference.

    The musical and lyrical talents of our creative composer and producer are at your service to write a hit jingle that will have everyone humming your tune.

    With some of the best session musicians and singers at our disposal you can be assured that your jingle will stand out as a professional production of the highest standard. Commercial Jingles can be produced as a complete song, or as the soundtrack to a radio commercial, or TV advert.

  • Video and Voice Over Recording to Complement your Visuals
  • Do you want a professionally voiced podcast to grab the notoriously flighty attention of web browsers? Engaging commentary for a training or presentation video to really get the message through to your staff and customers? Or a supporting voice over narrative to ensure that your visual communications are fully accessible?

    Our comprehensive voice over recording services make certain all your video and web audio productions strike the right note with your audience.

    Everything you need for polished video and web audio production.

    The right voice for you – From serious documentary to wacky animation, we have more than 200 voice over professionals at your disposal, to help you strike the right tone.

    Extensive music and sound effects library – Thousands of tracks and sound effects to create any atmosphere and style

    Comfortable Studio – Fully equipped with the latest technology, the perfect environment in which to create a professional production of outstanding sound quality.

    Choice of data formats – All recordings are supplied in the file format of your choice… as a hard copy on CD or DVD, by email or larger files can be delivered via FTP (file transfer protocol).

    Superb service – We are immensely proud of the reputation we have with our clients and will always strive to ensure you are completely satisfied with every stage of the production process.

  • E-Learning Audio Production for Engaging Tutorials.
  • E-learning has revolutionised how students and employees acquire knowledge to help gain qualifications and learn new skills. Through structured, interactive on-line tutorials students can access programmes from any computer with the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

    We produce engaging voiceovers for educational and professional e-learning programmes that compliment the graphics to inspire and enhance the learning experience. The audio can be supplied as voice only or as a fully integrated production with music and sound effects.

  • Telecoms IVR Recordings for Automated Customer Service
  • When you phone a company with an automated operator service, you expect your call to be handled efficiently in a clear, informative and helpful manner. Anything less, and frustration levels soar as customer satisfaction plummets.

    With many years experience of recording audio for business phone systems we produce professionally voiced IVR messages that will give an excellent first impression of your business to callers as well as improving the efficiency of call handling.

    We also record and produce voice over recordings for premium rate competition lines, automated PA announcements, and on-hold marketing productions.

  • Music On-Hold Marketing to Convert Callers into Customers
  • Keep your customers engaged while you’re engaged!

    Putting callers on hold is inevitable, but smart use of on-hold messages on your phone system to provide your callers with useful information has many benefits which can often lead to increased sales. Over 70% of callers are put on hold for an average of 30 seconds, so why not use that time to your advantage.

    Main Benefits of Music On-Hold Marketing:

    - Shortens the perception of time spent on hold, which reduces caller abandonment.

    - Holds attention and increases awareness of products and services.

    - Provides useful information such as introducing new products, special offers and opening times to a captive audience

    - Enhances the professional image of any business.

  • Studio Hire for ISDN Linked Radio Interviews
  • Creating professional voice over recordings starts with professional recording studio facilities. Our studios, situated in downtown Langley, Bc, are at the cutting edge of technology and are fully equipped so we can craft the most sophisticated audio-video productions.

    Comfortably spacious studios each with ISDN and broadband connections. ISDN technology means that we can digitally link with other ISDN studios around the world to record voice overs in real time without the need for them to travel to our studios. Both studios have access to an extensive sound effects and music library with thousands of tracks covering a broad selection of genres.

Please contact us below for a free quote on your particular project. We are looking forward to talking with you!